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No two pearls are exactly alike, but each is a thing of beauty on it's own.

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We Are All Pearls . . . Now Going Platinum.

Think no evil.One of the important steps to achieving a fulfilling, more rewarding life is to realize the ramifications of this simple observation: A PEARL is the only natural gemstone that can be made in a human lifetime. A tiny grain of sand or piece of dirt gets inside the shell of an oyster. That creature’s way of dealing with an irritation is to coat it over, over and over, until it becomes a smooth thing of deep beauty, the pearl.

Much like the oyster, we too must manage life’s irritants, those things that get into our shell. And, like the oyster, we have to work at dealing with those irritants, learn to cope, to smooth and round, polish, maybe even enjoy, so that eventually, they become us and we become them.

All that we are as a person is a collection of those “pearls”, how we’ve dealt with the problems in our life, how we look at them now, the opportunities we’ve taken to build things of beauty out of what at first seemed like adversities.

And unlike any other generation in our history, we refuse to accept the definition of "graying" as an acceptance of inability to achieve our continuing goals.   We are the generation that expects and demands more.  We are not graying, we are going platinum!

You will find helpful information here at PlatinumPearls.com.   PLATINUM PEARLS® is designed to sharpen your pearl building tools. To arm you. To help you with the changes, the bumps, the rough spots of the next era.

Make this site a regular spot to visit, click to your hearts content... and welcome to your new life!

Life. . . it’s a tide pool and you are an oyster.

Tom Hays studies the changing landscape of life.The waters of change come sweeping over the shifting sands of life.

If you can imagine, you can see the crystalline sandy particles rolling past in the movement of the waves as they come in and then move out, come in and move out, these "waves of change", bringing with them more sand to our lives, more debris, more "things" to deal with.

And in your imagination you look closer, and you see that the sand grains gleam and sparkle through the water when the sunlight catches them. And you suddenly realize that, even the worst of them, the ugliest, sharpest of them all, with some honing and polishing can become things of beauty, things made better because you've seen them in a different light, things that offer you something that will enhance and perhaps even fulfill your life… jewels to cherish, instead of problems to be put up with.

So you learn to scoop them up and look them over, savor them and find the opportunities to polish them, take off the rough edges, work them into fine gems to add to your collection. Life gives you the sand. You must make the pearls.

Look at life's changes in a different light, explore for the beauty, the opportunities to improve the circumstances that the waves of change have brought you.

With so many changes occurring in life, there are also so many chances to change. You can choose to see more sand to deal with, or you can see the chance to make pearls. You can do it. You can be a "pearl builder".

Get more lifestyle enhancement information by clicking on any of our department links to the left.  We hope you will join in with your comments, sources and ideas.  We are all in this together!



Platinum Pearls® is an organization offering ways to learn to live a more fulfilling life through workshops, tours, retreats and other quality of life enhancement programs. Our unique programs and products address the spiritual, emotional and creative dimensions of mid-life baby boomers.

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